Gear Box

WONDER gear box motors are widely applied in typical applications, Mobile telecommunication base station, Electric curtain, Medical device, Rotating advertisement, Automatic teller machine, and etc.

Marine Equipment

Wonder marine motors have the special design and manufacturing. They have the advantages of low noise, low vibration, high efficiency, high starting torque and other advantages, IP55 protection grade, suitable for ship machinery drives, such as: pump, fan, separator, hydraulic machinery, auxiliary equipment and similar marine requirements. The windings of the motor and the metal parts of the surface are designed in accordance with the heat motor, through a special varnish and processing has good moisture-proof, anti-mildew and salt fog resistance performance. Working environment temperature at -25íŠ -50 íŠ; air relative humidity:≤ 95%, S1 working system, motors are strictly made in accordance with the national standard GB755 ' rotary motor rating and performance ' design and approved by China Classification Society ( CCS ) . Now we are applying for ABS, BV and other international standards and relevant certifications.

Woodworking Machinery

Wonder MS and RMS series motors have special shaft key design, S3 working, and give a full consideration to the no load, full load, overload conditions during woodworking process. Fixed base or detachable foot design, IP55, insulation class F, class B temperature rise. The motor can bear 2-3 times overload condition at short period of time, and offer different voltages and frequencies according to customer requirements.


Wonder TSZ and ZY series DC motors have the voltage ranged from 12V to 240V and the power ranged from 0.07KW-7KW. Class F insulation, and with overheat protection device. They have the advantages of small volume, large torque, low noise, low current, outstanding appearance, long life and other characteristics. The main supporting used in hydraulic power unit, and widely used in electric platform, warehousing logistics equipment, vehicle hydraulic power device.

In addition, our NEMA standard steel motors and IEC standard aluminum motors are greatly applied in hydraulic power unit, oil pump and etc. They are widely used in automobile lifter, lifting platform, and etc. Pumps and motor are connected directly and tightly, so as to make the operation more stable, less noise. Using class F insulation, IP54 protection degree and IC411 cooling method. Ambient temperature -5íŠ ~40 íŠ. Special voltage and frequency are required to meet the customers’ need.

Air Compressors

Wonder motors are mainly applied to air compressors, including screw air compressor, piston air compressor, and etc. We cooperated well with some world-renowned brands of air compressors. With large starting torque, and can tolerate the voltage and frequency fluctuation to some degrees. Sufficient heat resistance, the use of F class insulation material, avoid the totally enclosed type and rotary type air compressor operation conditions, resulting in electric motor temperature rise, accelerated ageing of insulating material, resulting in the damage to the motor. Withstand voltage fluctuation, resistant to vibration and impact. We optimize the electromagnetic coil of electromagnetic scheme, and use the best winding material to make sure the motors have good mechanical strength. At the same time, the voltage fluctuation range is 10% ~ + 15%, ensure the normal starting operation.


Wonder fan motors are mainly used in high-temperature fire fan, exhaust fan, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, and etc, and cooperate well with some world famous fan brands in Europe. The unique design of the motor cooling system, and with the characteristics of high efficiency, stable operation, low noise. Two speed motor direct drive are vailable. With protection grade IP55, insulation class F, class B temperature rise. B3, B14 and PAD mounting methods can be selected according to the different requirements of customers. The smoke extraction motor can last for 2 hours if operated at 400íŠ.

Water Pumps

Wonder motors can be used in various kinds of water pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, turbine pump, etc. At present, Wonder keeps the closer relations with some world well-known brands in pump industry. Extended shaft design, with different flanges and mountings. Cast iron, aluminum and steel housings can be optional. IEC standard motors power ranged from 0.18kw to 375kw, and NEMA standard motor with SF 1.15 power ranged from 1hp to 300hp. UL or CE are certified for the products. With protection grade IP23, IP44. IP55 and ODP, TEFC structure. The inverter device can be installed on the motor for the consideration of variable torque and load demands.

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