Wonder TSZ and ZY series DC motors have the voltage ranged from 12V to 240V and the power ranged from 0.07KW-7KW. Class F insulation, and with overheat protection device. They have the advantages of small volume, large torque, low noise, low current, outstanding appearance, long life and other characteristics. The main supporting used in hydraulic power unit, and widely used in electric platform, warehousing logistics equipment, vehicle hydraulic power device.

In addition, our NEMA standard steel motors and IEC standard aluminum motors are greatly applied in hydraulic power unit, oil pump and etc. They are widely used in automobile lifter, lifting platform, and etc. Pumps and motor are connected directly and tightly, so as to make the operation more stable, less noise. Using class F insulation, IP54 protection degree and IC411 cooling method. Ambient temperature -5íŠ ~40 íŠ. Special voltage and frequency are required to meet the customers’ need.

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