Wonder marine motors have the special design and manufacturing. They have the advantages of low noise, low vibration, high efficiency, high starting torque and other advantages, IP55 protection grade, suitable for ship machinery drives, such as: pump, fan, separator, hydraulic machinery, auxiliary equipment and similar marine requirements. The windings of the motor and the metal parts of the surface are designed in accordance with the heat motor, through a special varnish and processing has good moisture-proof, anti-mildew and salt fog resistance performance. Working environment temperature at -25íŠ -50 íŠ; air relative humidity:≤ 95%, S1 working system, motors are strictly made in accordance with the national standard GB755 ' rotary motor rating and performance ' design and approved by China Classification Society ( CCS ) . Now we are applying for ABS, BV and other international standards and relevant certifications.

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