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WQX (D) series pump made by stainless steel precision casting it characterized by corrosion resistance, environmental protection, nice appearance, small size and durability.

The unique structural design of cable sealing eliminates the hiddentrouble of cable’water leakage.

Q(D) X series pump with double mechanical seal and has the characteristics of high quality, good abrasion resistance, long service life and safety etc. Mechanical sealis made of silicon carbide (SIC) or hard alloy.

The motor is class F insulation, equipped with thermal protectiondevice, greatly extend the service life of thepump. With stirring device, thedevice with the motor shaft and the strong force of mixing stirs the sewage tank sediments into suspended substance and then discharge.

The use of hydraulic model effectively improves the pump efficiency and the motor is high efficiency motor.

Use Conditions

  1. Starting from Impeller center,the submerged depth shall not exceed 5 meter.
  2. Transmission medium temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees centigrade(class F), 40 degrees centigrade(class B).
  3. Transmission medium PH:4-10 (stainless steel 304), 2-13 (316 stainless steel).

Parameter Table Of WQ(X)D Type Complete Stainless Steel Precision Casting Sewage Submersible Sewage Pump

Main Application

WQX (D) series pump apply to hospitals, residential buildings, municipal engineerings, road traffic construction, industry, aquaculture, pharmacy, beverage, seawater and the waste water that with certain solid particles and corrosive medium.

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