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Suitable for all kinds of no clean water without abrasive particles , orhave causticity , viscosity similar to warer's liquid , dedicated to heating steam equipment boosting water supply , circulating water supply pressuer , small boiler water supply etc.


  1. Pump body material : stainless steel304.
  2. Impeller material : cast copper.
  3. Front cover insert material : stainless steel 304.
  4. Front cover material : HT200
  5. Mechanical Seal : Made of high-quality wearresisting mechanical seal, thermostability, anti-friction, rotating seal ring's material is tungsten carbide, stationary seal ring's material is graphite, with fluorine rubber material, sealing reliable and durable.
  6. Shaft material : 2Cr13.
  7. Motor frame material : aluminum allor with high quality.
  8. Compact structure, small volume and flow, high head, saving power, easy to use and maintenance.

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